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Ninja Saga // Useful Trick To Earn Candy And Hallowen Gear !!!!

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Kang Izal

1. Log in Dummy Account (first). Use Dummy because TOKENS WILL BE DEDUCTED!!
2. Go Ninja Saga(Play)
3. Open Cheat Engine v5.6, select Process "Plugin-container.exe" (or the 3rd chrome.exe if using chrome browser)
4. Scan Total Tokens do you have on CE (example: you have 100 tokens, scan 100) (default values, 4bytes)
5. Enter the Ninja Saga Headquarters
6. Convert token 1 only to gold
7. Go out of the Headquarters
8. Next Scan Total token after exiting the CE Headquarters (based on the example, 100 - 1 = 99 Tokens)
9. 1 address returned
10. Double click the address so it appears in the CE table.
11. Double click the address and add +4 at the end of the address (example: 03FCFA9C+4)
12. Press OK.
13. Change the value to "2"
14. Go to SHOP
15. Click Body
16. Buy "Evil Suit" (a emblem suit)
17. After you have purchased this item, a POP UP will appear.
18. DON'T CANCEL IT. Click Publish/Share it. (be sure that you have click the button for "SHARE" to share it for friends).
19. Log in your Original Account
20. Go to wall of your dummy account, the one who have shared the item
21. You should see a wall post like this "Marvin found Halloween Clothing for you when playing with the the new Halloween costume!"
22. CLICK "Get Halloween Treat"
23. Your NS will load, then take a look to your GEAR. Smile It's a random item
24. Log in Another Dummy Account, and repeat from the Step 1 -21 again until you get all of those Halloween items that you want.

Belom w coba neh,,, tapi dah banyak iang bisa..
kalo emang bisa kasih tau ya.... w lagi males maen NS..

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